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Dune Threat Question

Andy, I am studying the preview threat section … page 23. There are 7 options for a GM spending threat.

  1. Buying d20 (1-3 dice costing 1,3 or 6)
  2. Increasing Difficulty (1 DR per 2 threat)
  3. NPC Threat Spends
  4. NPC Overcoming Complication (2 threat)
  5. Create, Edit, Remove Traits (2 threat)
  6. Environmental/ Narrative
  7. Rival House Action (1 threat)

I am struggling with number 3 and assume number 6 is scene and situational. I have no prior 2d20 knowledge and some great peeps on discord tried to explain it, but I’m missing the context.

Non-Player Character Threat Spends: When a player character’s action would normally add points to Threat, a non-player character performing that same action, or making the same choice, must spend an equivalent number of points of Threat.

The last line with the word must makes me think something is required as the GM running the NPC in response.

Spending thread for d20s is already covered, increasing difficulty is covered, traits are covered, and so on.

So an example of number 3 would be helpful. Thank you.

Essentially its a wordy way of saying ‘NPCs use Threat like PCs use Momentum’.

Option 3 is for NPCs who need to activate an ability (like a talent) that normally requires a PC to spend a point of Momentum.
So if the talent says ‘Spend a point of Momentum to get a +2 bonus to stuff’
The GM can spend a point of threat to activate that ability for an NPC (and get the bonus +2 to stuff)
Does that make sense?

Great, that is perfect - thank you.