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Threat for all Momentum

Correct me if I’m wrong, since this game doesn’t categorize Momentum spends into Immediate and Non-immediate spends, does this mean that there is no limit to how much damage can be caused to the enemy since combat dice can be bought with unlimited Threat?

On the flip side, wouldn’t this make the game very very deadly same since the GM would then as a consequence have a huge pool of Threat to cause untold amounts of damage in return? Or was part of the intent in game design to induce players not to add too much to the Threat pool in the first place?

There are rules for Threat n Momentum spending very closely resembling other 2d20 games.

In other 2d20 games, the player is not allowed to purchase combat or challenge dice with Threats or Doom. In this game, you can.

What do you mean when you state “combat/challenge dice”?:grimacing:

Where is this stated? Are you referring to the Create Opportunity momentum spend?, because if Im reading your statement correctly, the player can, using Immediate Momentum, from the group pool.

Combat/challenge dice are the d6s.

In Conan and Star Trek, each Momentum in combat can be used to increase damage. These are not Immediate spends. So you can’t use Threats or Doom to purchase them.

In JCOM, you buy combat dice instead, so damage isn’t guaranteed, but you have a 2/3rd chance of inflicting them. And you can buy them either with Momentum or Threat. (P64, core rulebook)

Anyway, I’m starting to think that perhaps it’s the fact that it is a +1cd (in JCOM) vs +1dmg (in other 2d20 games) that helps to mitigate things.

My players always try to use the “Minion Sweeper” (LOL) Momentum Spend anyways.

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Also, remember combat dice can (frustratingly) roll only blanks, its not an assured thing as the deadlier +1 dmg that other 2d20 games lock-on.

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