Rule Question about Queen Mirelurk Meat and its +2 END Bonus

Hi…got a Question about the meat and its +2 END Benefit.
ITs about Chars that have their HP from END like most Supermutants.

Master have 9 HP from its 9 END.
So he eats some Queen Mirelurk MEat and gets the HP ( he now at full HP of 9) and gets +2 END…so he gets +2HP…his total HP is now 9 +2 . in his first round of the meat effect duration he gets 1 Dmg. so whats his HP now? 8Hp + 2 Meat HP? Or 9 HP+ 1 Meat HP? in his 2nd round of the effekt duration he gets another Dmg…what have he now? 7 + 2 HP or 9+ 0 Meat HP? the difference comes in round 3 when the effect duration ends…does he have then 7 HP or 9 HP left? its even more interesting if we play that around 0 hp and his death…

The thing to remember is that models have a Health value and they get removed when the total damage they have received equals or exceeds their Health value. (There is no ‘hit point’ value/term in the game, so models accumulate damage rather than their hit points reduce as they take damage. It’s a subtle but important difference in terminology and it addresses your question.)

If a model had its Health value increased due to a stat boost (i.e. its Health is based on its END and its END was increased) and that effect ends, their Health value will return to its un-boosted value. If their total damage equals or exceeds their Health value at any time then they are removed.

In your example, a Master has a Health value of 9, and this is increased to 11 if it eats the Queen Mirelurk Meat. If the Master has damage equal to or exceeding 11 during this time, it is removed. When the effect wears off, their Health value returns to 9, so if the Master has damage equal to or exceeding 9 now or from now on, it is removed. The amount of damage the Master has received is not altered by the Queen Mirelurk Meat.

Hope that helps.

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