Restoration on incapacitated hero

From my understanding an incapacitated hero is unengaged, so could be the target of both melee and ranged attacks and spells.

Does this mean an incapacitated hero can be targeted by a ranged restoration spel even if the character would have been engaged the moment before it became incapacitated?

And, what happens when it’s health is restored; does the incapacitated token dissapear due to health being restored? Or does the incapacitated token stay on the hero, so any next attack will take the hero down, even though health has been restored?

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Correct (as per page 31 of the most recent rulebook and it’s in fact easier to successfully attack an incapacitated model).

Generally yes but for a different reason; most ranged healing spells are Blessings which can target a friendly model regardless of whether it is engaged or not. It’s not an attack so the engagement doesn’t matter.

If the Incapacitated model is healed then it will still remain Incapacitated (until the end of its own activation, at which point it will flip to Staggered). It will just have more health remaining than the 1 it would currently have at that point usually. The next attack doesn’t automatically take them down; it still needs to become Injured (again) i.e. have its health reduced to 0, for that to occur, so being healed will help mitigate the chances of that happening.

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Wow great reply, very helpfull, thanks.

I wasnt aware of blessings and option to heal even while the target was engaged. Guess i have to read that part again in the rulebook as I think i made an error in one of my last fights where an elite adversary should have been healed instead of me thinking a ranged heal wouldn’t work due to engagement.

At the time of writing I actually forgot that an incapacitated enemy still needs that damage roll; just simply engaging alone doesnt do it.


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