Clarifying the replenish reserves step

For some reason I’m finding it somewhat unclear exactly how much stamina and magicka to recover in the replenish reserves step. The rulebook states, “it removes one token”. So does that mean: if there is a number 2 token and a number 1 token on stamina, the higher numbered token could be selected for removal? I use dice instead of the small tokens so I’m not sure how it would work in that situation. If someone could clarify, that would be fantastic. Loving the game BTW! Keep up the good work :+1:

I’m pretty sure you just recover a single ‘point’ of each reserve (so if you had a [2] token on there, you’d replace it with a [1]). That may not be the literal wording of the text but I’m 99.99999999% that it’s the intent. Probably another one to throw into the revised rulebook/errata as it does appear to be poorly worded at present.

Recovering one point makes sense. For me, the ambiguity is in the use of the word token and the numbers on the tokens. Does the number 2 mean 2 tokens?

It means you get a point back. If you have used 3 points of magica and have a 2 and a 1 token you would recover 1 point and thus take off the one token (or break the 2 into two ones and take one off if you prefer). We also sell reserve dice that you can use instead of tokens and just flip them to the number expended or remaining, depending on your preference.

The long and short of it is that you get a single point back by default, and you can track it as you choose, as long as it is clear to everybody what you reserves are.

There are some abilities like Evocation that will allow you to restore higher levels of reserves, usually through a Keyword like Regenerate Magic.

Great, thank you for the clear and concise explanation.

Assumed that was the case; could the wording potentially be tweaked just to make that abundantly clear (i.e. recover a single point of each reserve, as opposed to remove a token)?