Removal of poison

Good afternoon, there was such a moment when poison is put on the model, how can it be removed, through the usual action of the recovery, or in some other way? In the rules, everything is described in two types, fire and bleeding.

Poison tokens are removed after their effect is triggered (generally at the start of the affected models’ activation). So a poisoned model would activate, immediately suffer the ‘damage’ to the relevant health/magicka/stamina pools (one for each token) and then the tokens would be removed.

This is implied by the rulebook’s wording (and confirmed by the quick reference sheet) though it admittedly doesn’t outright state that the tokens are removed after their effect (might be one for Modiphius to have a quick look at for the updated version).

They can also be removed via the Aid action.

Hey both,

This is a little bit of weird one. The AID section of the rulebook says only Damage Effect Tokens. Page 76 of the book doesn’t make any reference to Poison have a Damage Effect Token. I don’t think its listed in the Damage Effect on p79/80 and it only seems like the reference sheet that allows them to interact with Poison via Aid.

I’ll have a chat with Gavin or the designer and get back to you.

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay! It’s been busy at Modiphius this last week.

We’ve had a chat with the designer and he has confirmed the reference sheet is correct. Despite it not being a Damage Effect, it can be removed like a Damage Effect by the Aid Action.