Resolving Trouble in Downtime

I thought I had understood it. Now I don’t think I do.

My chief difficulty with Downtime is the Trouble table (p. 294, Core Book). Are all PCs supposed to roll on it (in addition to Carousing, as is suggested on p. 291), and, if so how many dice do they roll? I ask the latter question because, even though the table goes from 1-5+, the 5+ entry indicates the possibility of multiple Effects being rolled.

Community, how do you resolve your Downtime? Specifically, how do you use the Trouble table within it?

Thank you for your answers.

I believe the number of dice rolled for Trouble are equal to the Gold spent for Cultivate Renown, and the folks involved would be the players who participated (i.e. Carousing together, or individually). Then, the first column of the Trouble table shows how many Effects need to be rolled to cause Trouble.

So, if my group stays together to Carouse and spend 10 Gold together on Cultivate Renown, 10 combat dice are rolled (by the GM is suggested). If 3 Effects are rolled, then the group of players (or just those that participated) gets into that brawl indicated on the table, which costs them 2 additional Gold to smooth over, in addition to whatever positive results were rolled.

One person’s reading there - happy to hear if I have it wrong!


Thanks so much! I’m going with this until I hear something different!

I expect more of what you describe can be found in the passages about cultivating Renown. I’ll look into it. Maybe I’ll read the whole chapter again.