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Resilient Status Condition Clarification

Quick and short. Does being Unconscious count as a Status Condition as far as the Resistance Talent “Resilient” is concerned? Does being Resilient aid you in avoiding being knocked out?

No, being knocked out is not a Status Condition at all. For this Momentum spend an opponent makes, you get to make a Resistance test of a Difficulty equal to the spent Momentum points. That is all.

Unconscious is not one of the Status Conditions (see page 136 and following in the core rules), so this Talent does not help at all. There is no rules paragraph in the MC3 core rules, where you even get a Resistance test to avoid Unconsciousness, besides the one for the Knockout Momentum spend. All other cases simply let you fall unconscious without any test at all (mostly due to Critical Injuries).

The Resilience Talent is one of the most broken ones in MC3, as it is next to useless.

When someone triggers an effect would require a Resistance test to avoid a status condition, the difficulty of the Resistance test to resist the negative effects is reduced by one step per rank of Resilient. This may reduce the difficulty to zero, removing the need for a test. Resilient may be purchased up to three times.

This does not happen often, next to never. There might be very few Dark Symmetry Gifts that could be interpreted to require a Resistance test to avoid a Status Condition, but no weapon qualities or Momentum spends trigger this Talent.

I think, it might be a remnant of a different version of the rules, where, in development, such Status Condition effects were more often triggered.

Maybe @Modiphius-Nathan could shed some light on that?


Thanks for a quick reply. I’ve been wracking my brains around this talent and trying to figure out if it’s even worth picking up, since I couldn’t find many things that- as you pointed out- require a Resistance test to avoid. Rather with most things requiring a Resistance test, the test is done AFTER the fact, rather than before. It does indeed seem a very strange talent, and I couldn’t find anything about it in the errata either.

We house ruled this Talent so that it reduces the Difficulty on Resistance tests regarding diseases. There is a similar Talent for resisting poison, so that seemed to be the best way to make something out of this Talent (especially if you go against Demnogonis).