Resilient / Indefatigable synergy

If you have the Indefatigable talent, does the Resilient talent then also reduce the amount of Doom spent to ignore Fatigue?

Indefatigable talent:

You are tireless, able to press on when others would falter. Whenever you would suffer Fatigue, you may ignore it by adding a number of points to Doom equal to the Fatigue suffered.

Resilient talent:

Your physique is particularly sturdy and resilient. Whenever you suffer a condition that may be avoided by adding to Doom, you can reduce the amount of Doom you need to pay by your rank in Resilient, to a minimum of 0.

Fatigue is not a condition. Conditions are according to the core book: Blind, Burning, Dazed, Deaf, Hindered, Poisoned and Staggered (there may be more).

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Hmm, is knocked down / prone considered a condition? Wondering if Resilient applies to the Knockdown quality then.

The attack knocks the target prone if one or more Effects are rolled. The target may ignore this if they add 1 Doom for each Effect rolled, or in the case of non-player characters, at the cost of 1 Doom per Effect rolled.

I guess this basically becomes a question of what the gamemaster considers conditions. The rules seem intentionally left open to gamemaster interpretation with the description of conditions implying there are others beyond those listed:

The most common of these are described below.

My gut feeling is that Resilient applies only to conditions where physical resistance helps - I wouldn’t allow it for knocked down. Getting up quick being more a matter of nimbleness than resilience.

For things like getting poisoned, stunned or even set on fire, it would apply just fine (in the case of being on fire, allowing you to ignore the pain and distraction and put the fire out more efficiently)

Any more thoughts on this question? To me I would consider Knockdown/Prone and Fatigue a condition based on the Resistance common uses description. Fatigue is also described on a page next to the Resistance talent tree.

Primarily, the skill is used in resisting or recovering from physical status conditions, enduring physical hardships, or extremes of physical effort. Resistance is primarily used in response to threats or combat situations, or to recover from injury naturally.

Fatigue (and also Despair) are closely related to damage. You usually suffer Fatigue as a result of a condition or of a failed test, usually Resistance to resist cold temperatures, disease etc. And they directly affect your Vigor/Resolve track. So those are not conditions in my opinion.

Prone maybe.

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I was wondering if a GM could give feedback on this topic. Thanks.

@Modiphius-Nathan I was wondering if you had any feedback on this topic? I have a player who is looking into these talents but wants to make sure we its worth the experience spend. Thanks!

By design, they’re not meant to interact - Fatigue cannot normally be avoided by spending Doom (compared to the Persistent, Stun, and Knockdown qualities in combat, which are the sort of thing the Resilient talent refers to - the “spend Doom to avoid” mechanic was introduced to reduce the number of rolls made per turn by avoiding extra tests to resist effects). The cost of these varies based on the number of Effects rolled, so it can’t be guaranteed that the Resilient talent will ignore the whole cost.

However, there’s nothing to prevent you ruling the other way here, in order to make the Indefatigable talent more useful… but it may mean that you end up with a character who is essentially immune to Fatigue.

Stokar, i have house ruled the whole Fatigue/Dispair aspect. I didn’t like the RAW wherein you just take Fat/Dis. Also the fact that you have to rest 8 hours before making a Resistance test to remove Fatigue. Seems to me after an 8 hour rest, generally your fatigue would have gone!

I announce how much Fatigue/Dispair is inflicted and the player makes a D1 Resistance/Discipline test to negate F/D. A success negates 1 + 1 per momentum. Have adjusted the Resistance Talent : Indefatigable so that a success negates 2 Fatigue + 2 per momentum. This costs 400 XP & resistance Experise 2 as a requisite.

For Dispair i allow a Discipline test using the same mechanic as in fatigue. In play, this seems to be ok & not overpowered.