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Request, new sub-forums

Why does the new exciting upcoming releases not have dedicated subforums already?

At the risk of sounding snarky, but it feels like someone lost a memo down the way. It’s 2019! We want to speculate and share information tidbids and lay up suggestions and other ponderings.

When someone asks me where to find information about the new Modiphius RPG projects on my social media platforms I want link them HERE so they can tap into the feed directly. Not send them away on google scavanage hunts that lead them to obscure desolated mIRC channels or worse, competitors.


What subforums would you like to see so far?

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I’d like to see a forum for the upcoming Fallout standalone RPG, it’s bound to make waves! Would be a great start! It’s a huge title for an even bigger franchise. When someone searches for a fallout RPG or asks for a link they should be brought here!

Good morning

Will speak to the webmaster, and I will get it sorted this week.

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