Request for Advice on Worldbuilding

no mention of Bremerton? Nobody liked that place anyway.

Not yet, but its size and location make it a good candidate for further development.

Great framework! I used your writing prompts to help me start the outline for the Bmore Wasteland - based on my hometown of Baltimore, MD.

Using Baltimore City as my template (I grew up here and I’ve worked for the City government for more than a decade) and a handy Google map of the area, I started picking out specific institutions and landmarks that I would paint over in Fallout colors.

Initial Landmarks list included: local hospitals and old military forts and bases. Universities and colleges and then cultural heritage attractions and community parks.

After my landmarks list, I started developing my local factions. In 2022 Baltimore and D.C. are about 40 miles apart, so it made sense to me to include a contingent of the Capital Wasteland BoS for the PCs to interact with. In 2273, the BoS holds a former Air National Guard base just east of the city center. The Baltimore Police Department has had a strong culture in the Baltimore, for decades. I imagine if anarchy was taking hold, the BPD would draw a blue line, put their families inside of that line, and fight to keep everyone else out. Two hundred years later, The Constables control the center of town, though it’s still mostly ruins. They also offer to extended that “thin, blue line” to protect other settlements across the wasteland. Meanwhile, a smart gang leader has organized the west Bmore raiders and they’ve monopolized regional trade in chems - Nova Ramos is queen of this loosely affiliated army called the Lexington Raiders. As long as she controls the flow of chems and caps, they’ll remain loyal. The Bad Byrds of Bmore are a pair of cults that memorialize the baseball and football teams that used to represent Bmore, before the bombs fell. Their base is in the Oriole park and Ravens Stadium area of downtown. They viciously hunt and kill all outsiders. Rumor has it that they raise local birds to do their bidding. Bad Byrds cult members dress in the colors of their specific saint (Purple for followers of Poe or orange for followers of Tha Oreo Byrd). My last faction is the Pirates of the Chesapeake. They are fishermen and mirelurk hunters that turn to raiding settlements during the off season. the wharfs and drydocks of Fell’s Point serve as their safe harbor.

With my factions, settlements, and significant local landmarks selected, I’ll identify a dozen NPCs for the Players to interact with. I’ll stat all the Faction Leaders and a few other members that the PCs are likely to encounter early on. Then I’ll schedule a meeting with the prospective players before building out the initial adventure.

Once the PCs determine how they want to interact with my corner of the Wasteland - BoS Patrol, Constables, Raiders, Pirates, Vault Dwellers, then I can move on to the first adventure, it all depends on them. If they want to BoS, then they’ll be with the outpost at Martin State Airport, if they want their own pirate boat, then they’ll be based in Fell’s Point. But, I won’t sketch out to much more until they decide where they’re from and what type of story they want to tell.


Wow! This is really helpful advice. I’ll definitely be using it while I’m fleshing out my campaign.

Wow if you need another player let me know! I live near Owings Mills. Been trying to find a FORPG Group