Midwest Fallout setting

So I am working on my own setting for Fallout set in the American Midwest and I was hoping to get some ideas from the Hive Mind. Here’s what I have got so far: Fallout Midwest - Google Docs

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Have you checked out the Discords servers dedicated to Fallout 2D20? There are a lot of resources, and very active chat channels. Modiphius has an official one that just started this week.

I have not, I’m not very active on Discord but I’m not unwilling to be more so. Where might I get the invite or find them?

Let me see if I can send you an invite, what’s your handle?

Devil’s Theatre#8138

Strange, it says that something is incorrect I can’t add you as a friend. Try adding me shooey#6311

Either way, stiletto_ assassin on IG and @stilettodm on Twitter had the links for the Modiphius Official server. War Games News Radio is another on IG that has a very active Discord, and the other is Fallout 2d20 Community and I got that link off of YouTube with ELH Mk 1.

I play a wasteland warfare campaign but wrote a similar setting for that. Here are some snippets. Feel free to change or adapt as needed. Hope its helpful!

Introduction :

As the sand paper like dust cloud rolls through Texas desert. Far off in the distance one can make out the outline of a crashed military plane. Here in the middle of miles of dust and wasteland sand the oasis in the desert known to many as Marble Springs. A town run by mayor Heinrich. Many travelers have hung their hat at Marble Springs and drank from the radiation free well at the center of town. Shielded from the harsh wasteland radiation by 3 feet of marble on all sides and plunging over 200ft deep no other well of its kind is said to exist in the wasteland. The water is not free though nothing in Marble Springs is free. Whether it’s the work benches, weapons shack, hot food, or clean drinking water it all comes at a price.

Like a long-lost brother or age-old friend some people strike up a bond from nothing more than sharing a glass of whiskey and escaping the unrelenting rays of the desert sun. This is where our travelers meet. The adventure begins.

Fusion Factory (East):

The old Denton Atomics’ Fusion Factory, the top producer of fusion cores in prewar America. Built in the industrial district, now a hot spot for super mutants and mutant hounds. Scavenged only by the phony tough and the crazy brave. Upon completing the fusion cores final assembly, they would be locked in a holding cell outside the factory for the cool down period of 24 hours. Within these first 24 hours the core can rupture causing an uncontrollable reaction with the air exploding with horrific force. Some say all these years later the last batch of fusion cores every produced by Denton Atomics are still in that cage.

Goal primary unlock the fusion core cooldown cages and search for still charged fusion cores. One would have to be lucky (luck dice success 2 cores found) or a great searcher (Search skill successful 2 cores) to find one still fully charged. One fully charged will be there.

Graveyard (West):

An infestation has made the Westend Cemetery unusable for many years now. Several things could be buried with the bodies of years past. The main church was struck by mortar fire during the second battle of Vulture City. Whether protected by the old-world spirits or good luck, the tombstones lie almost undisturbed for 50 years. Heinrichs mother is said to be buried here although he doesn’t like to talk about it. A glowing ghoul nicknamed “Mr. Shiny” by locals feeds the ghouls the radiation power they need to continue terrorizing all who pass by this long forgotten resting place.

Primary goal kill the ghouls secondary goal look for Heinrich’s mother’s grave (successful search or 2 successful luck rolls.)

-Success Find Heinrich’s mother’s locket and trade for 250 caps or a favor

Gulf (South):

The gulf may be pretty but it is not safe. A now active breading ground for the mirelurks anyone venturing to close to the shore line has a rude awaking ahead. As the waves crash onto the beach one can start to pick out the nests of the hatchlings. At low tide you can even find the old stone sea walls built to protect the forests during high tides from the harsh salt water. Hidden treasure at sea has been the dream of many explores and with the unrelenting desert sun drying the water lines new grounds exposed that hasn’t see sunlight in almost 50 years. Who knows what could be out there?

Primary goal kill all mirelurks and explore for long lost treasure. Potential camp location.

The Dump (North):

Whatever that smell is it doesn’t smell good. Diego’s Junk and Scrap is a junkyard up North that is filled with all manner of things that scurry and burrow. A prewar dumping ground for the excess left over by America’s never-ending consuming culture. Junk as far as the eye can see. What was once a piece of trash one would not dare pick up along the old dusty interstate 10 could now mean the difference between life and death in the wasteland.

Primary goal search for useful gear and supplies.

-Dual locking cage with a robot looking worse for wear. However, a skilled robot expert may be able to get it up and running. Unlock the cage by either two successful computer hacks or a successful computer hack and a successful lock pick. Failure of 2 out of 3 and it is permanently locked.

Radwood Forest (Two Days North):

Up north stands the old military nuclear waste dump know to the locals as radwood forest. Harsh rad storms and nuclear runoff into the water has irradiated everything as far as the eye can see. The ground, rocks, trees all irradiated beyond repair. The trees have absorbed so much radiation they have begun to glow an eerie purplish blue. Treasure lies amongst the inhospitable landscape though. The rare wataga plant grows only in highly irradiated areas with great shade and humidity. Highly sought after for its healing properties it is said to heal all radiation and make one immune for over a day. The more outlandish bunch claim it can make you invisible or run at the speed of a mutant hound. So few have seen it and even fewer have held it. Very fragile, one needs great dexterity to pick the purple seed successfully without cracking it open rendering it worthless.

The Institute wants the wataga to study and try to replicate its properties it is also said a wild beast as white as the rocky mountain snow cap peaks has made this place its home.


Traveling along old route 45 is no walk in the park. Between the savage creatures, unforgiving sun, and faction held territories one must stay alert and watch every step they take or it will be their last. Our travelers set up camp for the night just out of sight of the main hub of this region Vulture City as they exchange ghost stories and what they have heard about the groups that travel this region.

Legion - a slave army built on a ruthlessly war doctrine, the conglomerate of conquered and butchered tribes. Valuing war, hand to hand combat, and spilling blood on the battle field every legionary would rather die than return to his commander a failure. The Legion forbids painkillers and other chems this ensures that only the hardiest will survive and go on to become deadly veterans.

NCR Rangers - often outnumbered but never outgunned the New California Republic Rangers are the elite military outfit of the NCR. The Rangers are a volunteer special forces renowned as much for their expert reconnaissance capabilities as their combat prowess. Their primary purpose is dealing with threats regular forces cannot handle, as well as keeping the borders of the NCR secure, scouting out threats, and other high value special interest missions.

Enclave- as part of the continuity of the governmental system, the Enclave was birthed from the heirs of high-ranking government officials as well as the wealthy industrialists and leading scientific minds of pre-war America. Garnering the best tech in the wasteland few cross paths with this secretive group.

Purple Hearts Raider Gang– known for their production of high-end custom ammo and no mercy warpath. Few will leave with their life if they attempt to fight or flee.

Vulture City

The fragmented and dusty remains of an old American city, every scavenger, caravanner, thief, and outlaw have been through Vulture city before. Not much cannot be bought, bartered, or stolen in this city. Keep your head up and your gun loaded.

  • Macs Tavern – Big Mac is the owner and operator of Mac’s Tavern, the local watering hole and hangout. Built to look like pre-war America’s fallout bunkers it is the happening place to be.
  • Rosco’s Boom Boom Shack – all matter of guns, ammo, and pointy things can be bought here. Don’t mess him though, he is a former purple heart after all and those notches on his gun aren’t counting mole rats.
  • Elite Tailoring – run by the most dapper dressed man in the wasteland Rich Man Dan, a big sign out front says “Get your clothing, armor, and headwear needs from Elite Tailoring today. Only the best…no ghouls”
  • The Vault Side Kitchen Stand– run by Marla a former vault dweller best cooking in vulture city. Warm food. Fair prices. Good Stories.

I will have to give this some thought, I especially like the idea of fleshing out some of the stores in Moa using some of what you’ve got. Thank you!

I have added some material to what I had, super mutants in nitro-cars, for that Fallout meets Mad Max feel!

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I always figured you’d find some either organized or scattered New Canaanites (the ones from the honest hearts dlc) in Missouri due to its historic and religious value to the LDS religion of which the New Canaanites are based off of.