Redemption questions about the PDFs

First post greetings, all!

I just got my VtM 5e slipcase set ( :smiley: ) and it has redemption codes for the books. I went to and registered a Paradox account. I was about to redeem them when I caught a Reddit post saying I should go to the Modiphius shop ( and redeem them there.

Which place would be the best to redeem them? Do they have account library sections for downloads where they host the files and update them on their website like Savage Worlds or will they give out DriveThruRPG access to the PDFs? Does one provide the former option and the other the latter? Or, are they one time downloads or something else?

Just trying to figure out what my options are to make the best decision before possibly making a mistake.

Please contact and ask for the PDFs. Be sure to include rhe redemtion codes or any other proof of purchase you may have.


Okay, will do. Thanks for the info.