PDFs for physical purchases UK v US

Hi, I just made a number of KULT purchases from both the US and UK Modiphius stores and I noted that I received an email from the UK Modiphius with download links for the books I’d purchased there, but haven’t received anything from US Modiphius.

Just wondering if this might be an oversight?

Well am guessing not, the book arrived with a code for a free PDF copy but it would have been nicer if I just got a download link at time of purchase, like from the UK store.

I think the plan is for Modiphius to move away from the pdf codes in the back of the books in favour of the direct links when purchased. They mentioned the hassle of the logistics of having to add a unique sticker to every book.

The UK store may be ahead of the game as it will have fresher stock than the US store.

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