Real Alcohols affect on Characters

  1. Does anyone have any advice for Characters and resistance to real alcohol/drinks? The context is I have my players at a Klingon event where plenty of warnog, bloodwine and bi’jaTik ale is being consumed. The Klingons will be egging them on to keep up so what would be the effects (both good and bad) of over consumptions of alcohol.
    So far all i have is:-
    After 1 drink add “Tipsy” trait and -1Df to all Social Based tests but increase Comp.Range by 1. After 2 drinks add “Inebriated” trait and -1Df to all Presence but +1 Df to all Reason & Insight tests. Increase Comp.Range by 2.
    After 3 drinks add “Drunk” trait and +1Df to all Presence, Reason, Insight & Fitness tests. Increase Comp.Range by 3 After 4+ drinks (or with 1 Threat spend) player must make a Fitness+Security test. Failure means Injury roll 3CD

Such a detailed system sounds fun for an adventure. Especially if the Traits give you bonuses and penalties.

Maybe you can get some more inspiration from this thread: Romulan Ale in the Game

Personally, I would use Fitness+Command or Medicine instead of Security for the task.

The security wasn’t for knowing how to behave, it was more for being stumbling drunk but I do like the idea of a Conn based test because its both behavioural and diplomatic with another species.

Also the next day this complication becomes possible:-
Any character who had “Inebriated” trait is now suffering from “Hungover” trait (+1Df of all Fitness tests due to tiredness and dehydration)

For each Interval at the Reception characters must pass a Fitness + Conn test (Df as follows) as part of an Extended Consequences test (GMG pg209-210):-
Bloodwine Df3 (6CD)
Warnog Beer Df2 (5CD)
bi’jaTik Ale Df2 (4CD)

If the test is Failed and Complicated then add +1CD to the roll.
If the test is failed then roll the corresponding number of Challenge Dice (CD) associated to the drink. Below is the Stress track for this Extended Consequence

This task has a Stress Track of 15, Magnitude of 4 and for each Setback apply the following Traits
“Drunk 1” -1Df on all Social based tests, Comp.Range increases by 1.
“DrUnk 2” -1Df on all Social based tests, +1Df to all Reason & Insight tests, Comp.Range increases by 2.
“DrUMc 3” +1Df on all Social, Reason, Insight & Fitness based tests. Increase Comp.Range by 3.
“Drrgghhnnk 4” +1Df on all Social, Reason, Insight & Fitness based tests, Comp.Range increases by 4. Additionally each round any player suffering from this trait must make a Fitness+Security Df2 test. Failure means injury, roll 3CD.