Romulan Ale in the Game

Has anyone come up with the mechanical effects of consuming Romulan ale?

Well, Romulan Ale should, of course, be illegal. For mechanical effects, consider a look on p. 116 of the Klingon Core Rulebook and, of course, p. 142 f of the (Starfleet) Core Rulebook. Because, well, it should be illegal, yknow? :slight_smile:

I’m planning a diplomatic meeting between the Romulans and Federation. In the social moments surrounding the meeting I was going to have an ambassador produce a bottle and offer a drink.

And now you’re looking for mechanical effects on…?

  • your player characters breaking Federation Law?
  • your player characters getting drunk?
  • your player characters being allergic to Romulan Ale?
  • …?

For the first, consider an effect on reputation roles. For the latter, maybe work with traits. “A Little Tipsy” to “Drunk” to “Aled Up Beyond All Recognition” should work out great. If they refuse, let them roll a social task to turn down the Diplomat’s offer diplomatically. If the players fail, let him acquire the “Refused” trait, raising difficulty of further social tasks.


What does the ship’s cook of a Klingon vessel (p.116 of the Klingon corebook) and the awarding of Starfleet medals (p. 142 of the Starfleet corebook) have to do with drinking Romulan ale or getting drunk? :stuck_out_tongue:

Any intoxicant should be a trait if a resistance roll is failed.

I set it at a Fitness + Command,D=2 but having seen the GM Guide, I’d go Fitness + Command (which really means Fitness + (Command/4) .)

Well, the rules regarding the ships cook provide mechanics for a party spiralling out of control. And for drinking Romulan Ale, Starfleet Officers are not being awarded medals, but are reprimanded. But I think you know both, already. :wink:

@aramis Interesting. I’d have gone with Fitness + Conn. I would accept Fitness + Medicine in case characters explained they used pre-calculated limits etc. :slight_smile:

off-topic: I love the flexibility of the system. :heart_eyes:

My reasoning for Command because command training includes controling one’s behavior…

But, as I said, given the option in the GMG for two atts…

A fun thing my crew did since it’s illegal was, don’t call it Romulan Ale, Starfleet may be listening, instead call it Vulcan (insert literally anything here) examples included Vulcan Wine, Vulcan Whisky, Vulcan Vodka, and so on.

C’mon, the idea of “Vulcan alcohol” is a dead giveaway to Starfleet flag officers. Since when is brewing alcohol logical? :crazy_face:

Besides, most Starfleet flag officers would be Reasonable Authority Figures like Admiral Ross and just let consumption of Romulan Ale slide, saying “I don’t wanna know.” (Man, I wish I could have found that clip on YouTube.)

Alcohol has a number of medicinal purposes. Surface disinfectant and water purification tool.

One of the novels points out that Vulcans are only mildly affected by alcohol, but have major impairments from sucrose. Which makes Romulan Ale not a strong beverage, but a super sweet one - a beverage made from a sucrose source, and fermented to reduce the sucrose… not of need canon.

Which, if used, that sucrose to ethanol transition would make it safer for vulcanoids, including Romulans & Vulcans, and more problematic for humans.

So now we have more reasons to hate root beer. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Thanks for the ideas, guys.