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Any home brew rules that make the game even more exiting?

Hello all. I love the star trek adventures RPG and feel the game us fantastic as it is. But was wondering…are there any home brew rules you use to give it that extra splash of flavor?

These are the house rules I experimented with:

Gridbased combat
Hit locations
Survive at any cost
Atmospheric Zones
To roll or not to roll that is the question
Starship Fire Arcs

House rules.pdf (180.3 KB)

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I have made a homebrew rule, At the end of a mission, I have a bragging session where each character has to say how important he/she/it was in the mission . It’s bragging and not a starfleet polite mission report, just like an actor who want a rise or fan base support to be in next season. Before I applied the klingon milestones rules all the funny ones gain a spotlight . And also a counselor visit on some occasion to treat their personality problems with a trait representing the treatment’s result for the next mission or an extra determination point sometimes (depending on counselor successes).

Check out Continuing Mission. Lots of fan material there, along with house rules.

I mainly just grab stuff from other systems if I need something covered but it varys wildly game to game.

Generally I tend to use range bands rather than zones, just because I find it quicker to set up.

Tweaking the direct task to be more common and usable on subordinate npcs by anyone, but I think the Klingon rules basically cover that.

I’ve also used abstract consumables from forbidden lands, flashbacks from forged in the dark, and a requisition system with varying levels of success.

Could you maybe go (still roughly!) into details? I know none of these systems, yet it sounds interesting. :slight_smile:

Consumables basically assigns a dice to the resource. You step up the size of dice when you get more. Every time you go to consume some, you roll that die, and a 1 or a 2 means you use some up and step the dice size down.

Flashbacks is very similar to create an advantage, but by having done something in the pass. Just helps avoid paralysis analysis.

Requisition is… more complicated. But it gives you a chance to have a shopping element.

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