Reactions and free actions timing

Continuing the other topic…
The question here is the timing, not if using a free action (like using a Food card) is a possible trigger for reacting.
The thing is the player can use 1 Limited Use item after/before an action, so if that player has a Food, and he shots to a model with a Reaction token, he could “eat” the food after that shot, but the opponent wants to react to that shot, then, who would have the priority? The reacting player inmediately after receiving the shot or when the active player has finished his action and all free actions around that one (this is important against suicides for example, Suicide charges to a model and could not explode if the player is not allowed to do that “free action” of exploding the nuke if the target could react before these “free action” could happen, as moving Orange as a Reaction, so it could be avoided).

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Hi DK-dark, to answer your couple of questions, yes it is possible to to Trigger a Reaction from a Free Action. In the Triggers section of the Rules of Play (Pg. 42) it shows that ANY activity will trigger a reaction but only at Awareness Range 1. In regards to the order priority of Actions and Triggers the Rules of Play also states “the Reaction is resolved after the opponent’s Triggering Action has been completed and before the next opponent Action”. So one Model would perform an action, once that first reaction is resolved any model that is Triggered would then perform a Quick Action. The first Model would then get to perform either it’s Second Action or a Free Action.