Mama Murphy and reaction timing

What is the timing when resolving reactions?
Does the player need to wait to the opponent’s roll?
I mean, he performs an action, and you decide to react, but Mama Murphy lets you resolve your reaction first, so do you need to announce your intention and when your opponent finish his action and rolls (maybe here I don’t need to waste the reaction token if he fails), you play yours (like the normal timing) and they consider it resolves first your quick action?
or does he announce an action and you decide to spend the token and play your quick action, and when you have totally resolved your quick action, he continues playing and rolling his action?
The thing is if you can wait to see the roll before chosing to spend the token or not (if not, you play after he announces the triggering action but before he resolves it), and if the opponent’s roll is a success, and you want to react, the reaction is resolved first and you maybe can avoid the triggering action or the possible damage (like killing the triggering model).

Hi DK-dark

The reaction is a break of sequence of play and can only be performed after a model has performed a full action. The sequence in which the reaction to an action would go like this (if a model is reacting to an action performed by Mama murphy):

  1. Mama Murphy is readied and chosen to perform their first action.
  2. After this action is fully complete the opposing player checks to see if any of their models meet the requirements to react.
  3. The opposing player then declares any reactions to the first complete action performed by Mama Murphy.
  4. The reacting model/s perform their reaction quick action. Any skill tests, damage rolls or armour rolls are performed and resolved.
  5. Mama Murphy then takes their second action.

I hope this clears things up for you.

No, I was speaking about her special ability, it says “Any model of your force can resolve a reaction before the triggering action”, the question is if the model with the reaction token needs to spend it before or after the triggering action, regardless if the reaction is resolved before (because I could see the roll before chosing to spend the token, as usual), except if resolve first mean I totally resolve before him (just after he announces his action)

Hey gang. It’s been a busy week in Modiphius Towers but just wanted to let you know we’ll get back to you next week - just mulling over a further answer.

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Ahhhh so you are referring to Mama Murphys Foresight ability.

In the future, if you could provide all the information the QA testers (@Modiphius-NathanP , @Modiphius-Dom , @Modiphius-Samantha ) would require to accurately answer a question, that would be greatly appreciated.
Unfortunately as the QA testers are still rather new to FWW they may not have the knowledge of the game and its many edge cases as we would, especially as I am not always available to assist them.

I believe your query is in regards to the timing of MM Foresight ability, specifically the second bullet point;

  • A Reaction by any friendly model can be resolved at start of the trigger action instead of the end.

To me, the player using MM should ask their opponent to announce any actions they are about to perform with their own models whilst they are within Line of Sight and Awareness Range of a Model that could React (has a Reaction Marker), so that MM can spend a Foresight Point and allow a friendly model to React to the intent to perform the Action.

This would allow models from the same force as MM to React to a Trigger before it happens. Although these Triggers must still follow all the standard rules for Reacting, such as having Line of Sight to the Trigger and the Trigger being within Awareness Range before the Triggering Model performs its Action.

Sorry about that, I forgot to mention the ability “Foresight”, but in any case, I said “Mama Murphy lets you resolve your reactions first”… Well, I will try to write everything next time.
So, MM lets you spend a Foresight point to spend and roll your reaction token even before the trigger action is rolled, right?.
I was playing with my opponent rolling first his trigger action, and then, I choose if I spend the token, and if I spend the token, I roll my reaction and I resolve my result first, before the trigger action wich was already rolled (but not resolved).