Quickstart Adventure other than Circular Files?

Hey all

I have a recollection that I read a quickstart adventure for Infinity that was set on an 012 orbital over Paradiso when the Tohaa first turned up. The PCs were Bureau Noir agents providing security for the diplomatic talks etc. Now I can’t find any trace of this adventure - the only quickstart I can find is the Circular Files one. Does anyone else remember this adventure? Did it actually exist or did I imagine it? Does anyone know what it was called so I can search for it? I may have it on a hard drive and just not be able to recognise the title. I’m a KS backer and I’ve gone through all the various parts of my Backerkit account and I can’t find it.


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That adventure called “Paradiso Countdown” was in former versions of the quickstarter, to be later replaced by “The Circular File”.

The Paradiso/Tohaa adventure is actually the starting point of an extensive Paradiso campaign, which is currently in development (don’t know when the release will be scheduled).
As a quickstart or introductory adventure it would, in my opinion, be quite wasted, as it actually is the start of a campaign.

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Thanks. At least I didn’t imagine it! Glad to hear it isn’t gone for good, as I thought it was a really good little adventure. Frankly more interesting than Circular File.

I remember thinking it was a really great introduction to the setting and chucked the players right into the middle of things, putting them right at the heart of some pretty world shaking events. Good to hear it will become the beginning of the Paradiso campaign.

I would argue that it was au contraire a poor introductory scenario. Not that it was bad in itself, it just propulse players in important events while they usually have little knowledge about the universe. I think it fine for people who know the lore but it’s the first scenario i ever GMed on this game and was the only one who knew the universe. My player were lost.

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I’ve favoured Circular File as an intro/demo scenario for much the same reason: I’m more familiar with the human-centric cyberpunk side of the setting than the alien aspects, and it’s an easier introduction to the setting for others who don’t know Infinity, as well as being a fairly understandable basic scenario (starting with a murder mystery means everyone has a solid idea of what they need to do to proceed).

Paradiso Countdown, I feel, is a solid intro for people who already know the Infinity setting and who are trying out the RPG, but it’s a harder sell for people who might just be looking to try out a sci-fi RPG and need to be eased gently into the setting details.