My one problem: Adventures

Of all the games I have this is the only one giving me problems. I have Star Wars adventures and Legends of the Five rings adventures, Starfinder adventures and Star Trek. Trek used the living campaign and and adapted some other stuff. I know a Living Campaign is coming for Infinity but not till they finish all the books in the kickstarter. I totally understand why but while I have a fair few mini’s from Infinity and I have operation Red Veil. It doesn’t really translate to the RPG. I have players ready to jump into the game. I don’t know enough of the setting yet to make my own like I can with say Star Wars or Trek. Has anyone done any scenarios or know any resources that would work well? Thanks in advance.

I am thinking about starting Infinity soon and noticed the same problem. I think I will open with the quickstarter adventure and then will figure out if Quantronic Heat, Adventures in the Human Sphere and Code Infinity can be worked into a campaign. If they don’t I think I will look for some fictional material that can be adapted - I heard that Altered Carbon and Iain M. Banks Culture Series are good source material, but that’s just hearsay, I still don’t know much about the Infinityverse.

You may find the GM guide very useful for creating adventures and the Wilderness of Mirrors.

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I know there are many adventures and several campaign books coming down the pipeline. Although I realise that may not be helpful right now. I would also echo what Bill wrote - the GM booklet contains lots of advice, as well as a booklet with two adventures, Adventures in the Human Sphere is there as well… :slight_smile:

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Published campaigns for science fictions rpgs sadly are very rare (I couldn’t name more than half a dozen).

For Infinity, Quantronic Heat features three scenarios that form a mini-campaign. A bigger one is in the works, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

As to adventures, I think Infinity fares actually quite well in this regard: there are 10 scenarios in Adventures in the Human Sphere, two in the GM Screen booklet and the quickstart scenario is simple but good, too. Using background information found in the setting section of the core book (and maybe chapter 6 of the Gamemaster’s Guide, though that gives only very generel advice) should give you enough ideas to combine at least some of the available scenarios into a longer campaign. Then there is the O-12 mission generator at the back of the GM’s Guide, which might give you some further ideas.

Lets try a bit of brainstorming here… what kind of characters are your players wanting to run?

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The problem is they don’t know. Half the players know nothing, the other half came to the game through the miniatures (but not the miniature game) so they know the factions, they have miniatures they like. But they are struggling on the rest. I think they expected it to be more war. The two adventures I have are more Police work. They are I think picturing the game as kind of a Shadowrun (from the industrial espionage), Altered Carbon. They are looking at the miniatures which are very military in feel but seeing the RPG differently. One of the players has a PanO SERAPH. Great big Powered Armour. He asked when would that ever be available in the game based on the kinds of missions released.

Get them to the front on Paradiso… There’s plenty happening there, plus the factions are constantly squabbling. Add a few O-12 investigations into “corprorate acquisitions” from the front such as VoodooTech. Scouting Morat positions. A working sepsitor in the wrong hands - or right hands? - plus add a few encounters with Raicho TAGs at the front…

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You could also translate Its missions (the tournament mission system of the tabletop game) into rpg mission if your player want warfare. The collector edition of the rulebook include a section that does this if I’m not mistaken.