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GM Resources: Quantronic Heat Part 1 (& Bonus)

Evening all,

Just sorted these out for my session on Friday, couldn’t find anything online for it already, so here you have:

Dr. Hart’s Apartment Map minus the slightly obvious “here be baddies” numbers :slight_smile:

Blackthorn’s Network Map Nodes, separates out so you can only show your players what they’re aware of.

And on the same page, some blank network hexes for making your own network maps!

Hope someone else finds these useful!


I wish I had those maps a year ago, because this Saturday we will play our last session in the Quantronic Heat campaign. It was quite a thrilling experience. It helped making some “Infinity sceptics” into Infinity fans.

Do you plan on providing game aids and maps for the rest of the Quantronic Heat campaign, too?


Hi Frank, as and when we get to those parts, I probably will. Unfortunately I can only really plan on time to manage it when I get round to having to prep for a session that I’ll need it for!

In the meantime. There is also this that I did a while back in case it’s of use for running combat encounters. Found it very good for keeping track of everything myself!


I had some fun coming up with a quantronic map of a network for my players. I wanted a creative way of “fogging” out the nodes so that they wouldn’t know what is in them, so I just had some fun with using the pixelation art options in Word.


Trying to prep for runing Quantronic Heat via roll 20 so started putting NPC’s in and noticed there are some in the Quantronic heat race section that are unstated because they are listed as Engineer (which is not one of the ones they’ve referenced anywhere else)

Any clues on what they should be instead?

and I here waiting for the image to load :rofl:

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Technician or Scientist