Quick idea seeds for a one shot Convention game

Working on something for a local convention but my mind is occupied with organizing the con as opposed to writing an adventure.

So, any folks want to toss ideas into the blender for a one shot Fallout convention adventure?

Combat focused:
Party was captured by unknown bandits. They put some strange signs on their face: (I, II or III) and then forced them to the van. Party don’t know where are they going. After two hours of driving, the car has an accident. Driver is dead, they have nothing except loot from driver. It’s middle of the night. They are in the middle of the forest, they’ve never been there.
Time is ticking, second van is coming and will be here in few minutes, they can hear the engine of that car. Would they start to run? Would they try to make an ambush? Going into forest seems scary because of some strange noises coming from around.

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The party needs to acquire a water chip (or other plot device) from an abandoned Vault.
Easy clearance of some wasteland critters and they take the Chip. Which triggers the Vault door sealing itself and an automated voice saying that a Neutron purge (or other plot mechanism) will cleanse the Vault in X minutes.
Cue desperate scrabble to shut down the systems or find another way out.
Automated defences and Feral ghouls a bonus in a dark, claustrophobic death trap…

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For me, I have been taking many of the Wasteland warfare scenarios and modifying, expanding, and/or connecting them to create adventures.