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Questions About the Parasite Mutation

During my last game session we ran into some issues trying to figure out how Parasite works in play. Our gearhead wanted to spend 4 MP to steal four Agility from another mutant to instantly break them with Fatigue but the gearhead wasn’t hurt herself.

The first use of the mutation says “Steal one point of any attribute from the victim for every MP you spend. You cannot exceed your own maximum score. This effect does not heal critical injuries, and has no effect on permanent trauma.”

Can a mutant who has no trauma still use the Parasite mutation on a victim?

We came up with 2 possible ways this works:

1.) The victim takes the trauma but the gearhead gains no points back since she isn’t missing any.
2.) The mutation doesn’t work because she has nowhere for the stolen ability points to go.

Also, we are now wondering if she could even steal 4 points of Agility since her Agility is only a 3. The way the mutation is written, the second sentence could be read to mean that they can’t steal more of an attribute than they themselves possess. So, for example, a mutant with a Strength of 2 could never steal more than 2 points of Strength per use of the mutation.