Damage immunity and equip conditions

Another one from Reddit that I’m curious about.

If you wanted to equip a card that had a requirement of an armor value less then or greater then a specific number but you had damage immunity how would that work?

The specific card in question is the Travel Light perk on some children of Atom.

The relevant part of the perk card, for this question, is you cannot equip the perk if any of the model’s Armor ratings are 3 or more

My answer was basically yes as it’s in the spirit of the card (which is not being heavily equipped by armor) but I’m wondering what the actual intent from the designers are?

We’ll codify this as there is an errata likely to happen with Travel Light based on some upcoming models, but essentially X counts as 0 for the sake of this rule.

So, it will allow use of the travel light perk if you have immunities as they are not borne out of armor you wear typically.