Children of Atom radiation + quick action rule

Cross-posting this question from reddit as this is something I’m also trying to sort out.

CoA units having a value of ‘X’ for rad armour means no armour roll when taking rad damage, so RAW it appears they can never get the extra AP:

Ok, so reading the CoA reference card and their rules I’m a bit confused.

Rule one reads as

  1. Children of Atom faction Units in a Children of Atom force gain :gear: for each point of :radioactive: received.

However, all the current CoA have immunity to radiation dmg, meaning they can’t take radiation dmg. With that being said… When they get hit with any kind of radiation dmg, does that mean instead of doing a typical armor check or taking dmg any amount of radiation dmg gets converted to quick actions?

So say I take 3 points of radiation dmg, does that mean in return I get 3 quick actions rather than taking radiation dmg?
So in turn I could shoot my own units with a gamma gun and give them quick actions then correct?

then rule 2.
2. If your force contains only Children of Atom faction Units, during set-up place 3 Radioactive Barrels onto the battlefield, Red Distance from all Deployment Zones. These barrels follow the rules for Radioactive Terrain.

then the question begs, what is the size of the base on radioactive barrels? Is there a standard for it? Are they releasing a CoA kit that will have these barrels in it that will help set a standard?

It’s either how I suggested on Reddit ‘received’ is before armor is applied or ‘received’ is a typo on the reference card as Ghouls are immune from Rads yet heal from them and the only real difference in the wording is “received”.

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My take on this is that you get one quick action per rad received (that’s a lot of quick actions!) Clearly the intention was not to give a perk which doesn’t ever work.

The terminology in the rules appears a little inconsistent but the pages talking about damage appear to have two phases. Resolve the attack, then resolve the armour. This can be equated to damage received, then damage suffered.

By this logic the CoA model will receive the damage before resolving its armour effect. The armour effect doesn’t involve rolling dice but should still be resolved in the same order.

As to your second point about shooting your own team to grant quick actions… RAW I can’t see anything saying you’re not allowed to do this. It also seems appropriate to the fluff for CoA to embue each other with “Atom’s blessing” on the field of battle, when appropriate. I’m interested to hear an official ruling on this one.

D’oh! Yep, this all makes perfect sense and is about what I figured.

@monkeysloth had a response to the OP on reddit clears it up nicely:

Common sense would certainly apply, but still feels like an oddly worded ruleset.

Hey gang,

Its a little bit of a tricky one, as received is never a term laid out in the Rules of Play booklet and I don’t think a step by step of damage application is ever laid out. I like the process set out by the one Reddit User;

Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 09.53.26

So let’s go with the following;

1 - Receiving damage happens before Armor kicks in so Models that are immune to a Damage type still acknowledge the damage being applied to them. As such, the Children of Atom could take the Rad Damage, gain Action Points, then check their Armor and finally, not take the said Damage as they are immune.

You could also totally shoot your own guys with Gamma Guns to generate Action Points. That sounds kinda neat.

2 - The standard would be the Barrels provided in the Streets of Boston STL file. We also have the Radioactive Containers Terrain Pack, which would also work. Neither have bases.


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For the rad barrels you might want to consider giving an official max size once the faction gets more units as you know people will abuse that in PVP games.

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I might have the powers to make that moniker happen, haha.

Like, I can see your point but its no different to folks using proxy models for things we provide sculpts for, right? There is nothing stopping someone being given an inch and taking a mile, but if you did have that person across the table from you - would you really want to play them?