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Questions About the Army Builder App

I have been playing with the app in battlemode for a while for the most part I have really enjoyed the game. I did have a few questions though.

I mostly play raiders and have recently gotten the T-51 armors. I really want to use the shishkebob weapon on my veteran raider. I checked the allowed cards list for battle mode and wasteland items are allowed on the veteran raider, which the shishkebob is but I can’t find it in the army builder. Is that because you can only pick up the item in a battle, or has the app not been updated to include these new cards?

It needs the last update

My app is fully updated.

Hm, I’ve got the shishkebab, not sure why you don’t.

Do you have the right expansion pack? My version is 1.1.10 btw.

He said battle mode, so the force, when you create it, it asks for the mode, if you put battle mode, the available weapons for units right now are out of date, so he cannot add that weapon

Oh, now I see. Never mind my comment then.