Questions about special cards

Hey, what happens when you have creature cards in its own wasteland deck, and you trigger a danger from a searchable (and the danger deck is already played and discarded), are they mixed in the same deck before the game starts?
I have been playing the 3rd scenario of New Vegas campaign, and you have like 11 searchables with some danger possibility, but the curated wasteland deck has 3 dangers, 3 creatures, and 1 stranger. Is this a mistake/errata?

Does the stranger ALWAYS appear with an event card/special card?

Do you need to mix and shuffle creature and danger cards, to make a 6 cards deck?
Usually, the curated wasteland deck is always well done, enough to cover everything, and usually has danger cards wich lead you to creature cards… but in this case it is strange…
Do you use creature cards only when a card says: “draw and resolve a creature card” or do you use them with their own deck???

The event deck is usually made with 5 cards (for 6 rounds), but this campaign says always 6 cards, and the 3rd scenario has 2 with no effect on the game (usually it should be 1 no effect card for every 5 event cards).


Apart from those cards, I have noticed that AI cards have something odd… Piper’s 2nd priority says “Ready”, but a lot of AI cards say “Prepared”, like Sole Survivor or Dogmeat; usually, “prepared” shoud be the prepare action with the awareness icon token, but if you look at the target priority list, it does not say anything about this kind of priority, just “ready” models with the blue token…
So, is it a mistake in the AI cards or a missing phrase in the campaign handbook? Is Dogmeat’s first priority against models with reaction token?

As I read it “Ready” is intentional on Piper’s card, and is separate from “Prepared.”

There are a few priorities which were added after the game first released (like Elder Maxon’s “Leader” priority or Veronica’s “Lowest Armor” priority), and I believe “Ready” is one of them.

So where Dogmeat would go after a unit with a Prepare token, Piper would prioritize a model who had been readied but not yet activated.

I am translating those cards, and all of them are wave 1 cards so… I suppose they forgot to put Prepared as a common priority (because it is a really common priority), because in wave 1 there are 2-3 AI cards with “Ready” priorities and 10+ or more with “Prepared”, Ready priority appears in the handbook, Prepared priority does not… it was strange while I was translating, just that

Hey, Dominic from Internal Playtesting here. Starting with answers for @DK-dark regarding The Wasteland Cards -

  • The decks are not mixed together before the game starts. This is covered in the section titled ‘The Wasteland’ on page 31 of the main rulebook - 'Unless directed otherwise by the scenario, create The Wasteland during set-up by placing all unused Item, Danger, Creature and Stranger Cards in separate decks and shuffle each separately.
  • I don’t believe there is an error with the Searchable to Danger/Creature/Stranger ratio. As per the Searchables section of Set-Up on page 27 for Scenario 3: Schemes and Schematics, you have a pool of 11 potential Searchables. From that pool, you have three that generate Danger (matching the number of Dangers in Curated Wasteland). Prior to placing these out on the board, you mix them up and pick six from that initial pool of six - you may not even get one of the Dangers. The Stranger is generated from the ‘Opportunist Gun Runner’ Event. There is nothing in this scenario that can generate Creatures, but the Curated Wasteland is meant to be a group of suggestions on how to change up your journeys in the Mojave. The Creature cards in this instance should be seen as an optional guide on what to add if you want to add some critters to the game.
  • Spawning the Gun Runner Stranger works as follows. You draw the ‘Opportunist Gun Runner’ card. The marker is placed down. The Gun Runner stranger is only then placed on the board once the marker has been interacted with. So providing you follow those steps, yes they should always appear.
  • I’ll check with the Devs regarding ‘Ready’ and ‘Prepared’. There might be a crossing of wires here between the two terms.

2: yeah, it is right, it could be just 3, but there are really more chances to draw more than 3 danger cards than drawing just 3 (and, regarding context, I think is not fine to shuffle that 3 cards and draw the same card again), that’s the question wich made me think about the creature cards (maybe the curated Wasteland could have more suggested cards in this case).
This is the first scenario wich I play (after a lot) and the curated Wasteland has a deck wich is impossible to draw, as you know, the decks usually have cards wich say draw a creature card (if not, I should change the danger cards or add some danger wich say “draw a creature card”, in any case, I think this could be said at some point in the curated Wasteland paragraph or it would have been fine being added by default in the curated Wasteland)
I play with curated Wasteland always, because it is supposed to be ready to play in the context of the scenario, balanced, and I think they are a good choice to get the most out of the scenario/campaign. I know I could play whatever there, but I just try to play with Modiphius suggestions (forces, terrain and wasteland decks), because I think those suggestions have more sense (maybe than mine😅) and they have been tested for balancing/context purposes, isn’t it?
We use those things here as a support because of the language too, people pick the cards said in the campaign/scenario, so we (I am not always there to solve the language misunderstandings) hope to have a balanced game with sense, and we could not be reading/translating/explaining one by one

Thanks for your time

Response from @Modiphius-Ethan

  • That response on Piper’s card should say ‘Prepared’, not ‘Ready’. That’s a typo.
  • As for the ‘Leader’ response, that would read ‘Any model in the enemy force with a Leader card assigned to it’.

We’ll catch both of these and add them to the next errata.