AI Cards, Prepared vs Ready

Continuing the previous topic about this…
When the game was released, the campaign handbook didn’t/don’t say anything about any “Prepared” priority in any case, it says “Ready” or “Used”, for example (something really odd after seeing a lot of AI cards with a “Prepared” priority in their lists).
Then, looking at all Wave 1 AI cards, there are only 2 AI cards with a “Ready” priority in their lists, 1 is Piper, 1 is Minuteman, but Piper is a typo…
So? Is it another typo? Is Minuteman the only AI with a “Ready” priority?

Hey @DK-dark

The copy of the Campaign Handbook I’m looking at (screenshot below) uses Prepared, rather than ‘Ready’ or ‘Used’.

Regarding any cards that have ‘Ready’ as a priority, assume that means ‘Prepared’. With Piper and the Minuteman AI Cards in particular, we’ll add those to the update list for the next errata.

yes, sorry about all this misunderstanding with the wording :sweat_smile: the thing is AI looks for Ready models and the word used for this is “Prepared” models, but you know in this game, a Prepared model is a different status, so when I saw a Ready option in a priority list… the wording seemed confusing, and maybe it could be confusing still