Questions about new cards

Hi, I asked in FB group, but no one answered some questions, so I am writing them here:

*Hey, I have some questions about the new cards:

When should you get the stun token on a Nightkin or Unpredictable model? Just after rolling the bottle&star (I think this is right) or “after activation” (leaving the token for the next activation)?

When you use the area damage from the Blade of the East, if you don’t get the damage as it is said, should you measure that area from the model’s center (like whirling with the blade)?

Usually, when a weapon needs to cause damage to get an effect, like poison or stun, it says “If damage caused”, but in the case of the Dog Tag Fist, it could stun just hitting the model, is it right? a melee weapon wich could stun models just hitting them for 3 caps only?

What’s the point of the grenade icon on the Pulse Gun? Should I roll for my Thrown skill instead of Pistols?



I just posted a reply in the FB group. This is what I posted:

  1. The Stun token is added when their activation ends , i.e. once it is completed.

  2. Area damage by a melee weapon is the diameter of the effect centered on the model’s center. (The damage does not affect the wielder, though this is not stated on the card.)

  3. As it doesn’t say ‘if damage caused’, damage does not need to be caused - just a hit will do. However, Dog Tag Fist only causes Stun by spending 1 bottle icon and the chances of that are relatively low as there is only 1 bottle icon on the yellow and the green dice it rolls. (It cannot be modded either so no easy way to give it extra bottle icons.)

  4. The grenade icon on the Pulse Gun’s blue short-range bar is an error and should not be there.


Ok, thanks.
But I have seen the same with the cattle prod, it could stun easier with 3 caps cost, is that right? It seems too cheap for an stun weapon.
About the melee with area damage… is it the same with behemoth and fire hydrant bat? I saw in other topic that the thing is behemoth hits the ground and damages itself too (with the critical hit), is not right anymore?

The Cattle Prod does cause Stun more easily - roughly a 60% chance if it hits. If a model has a melee skill of 4, then the overall chance of it causing a stun is roughly 30% (including the Cattle Prod’s green dice). That means a model with melee skill of 4 could use their 2 actions to attack with the Cattle Prod and, on average, not cause the target to lose an action. With regards the cost, I am not part of setting the points values so can’t comment on that - like all weapons in F:WW, some are more effective when wielded by some Units compared to others.

Blade of the East not causing the wielder damage is just for that weapon - the context is the wielder swinging it in a big arc around them (rather than a explosive effect). The Fire Hydrant Bat (like other Area Effect weapons, except Blade of the East which is the exception) damages anyone in the area including the wielder. The Behemoth’s melee attacks have a range of orange - the FAQ gives details on this - so the Behemoth can be outside the bat’s Yellow area of effect.

Ah, ok, so the Blade has an special rule, it would be fine to have that info specified in some card/faq to avoid confusion.
Then, after reading that, every melee weapon wich does area damage is measured from the target point of impact (so it could be an specific area instead of targeting a model?), and that weapon could hit the wielder (with the exception of the Blade, wich is measured from the model’s center and cannot hit the wielder), is that right? Because, if I play Behemoth, I could be interested in damaging itself if I damage more models… or if I use Fire Hydrant Bat with a different model…
About the Cattle Prod, I just believe it is too cheap because an stun weapon (60%) wich could be modded or improved some way, and you get a Green, so even a model with 5 melee skill would be really good at cancelling actions… It is like a Machete, for 2 caps more, it deals energy damage (it is better in most cases) and stun just hitting… I think it is a bit underpriced (maybe if it stuns when dealing damage could be fine), so I thought maybe it was a mistake at typing on the card or with the cap cost.

By the way, I wish to know if an ability or something wich increases the “movement” a color, is the charge increased by this? Is there any need of saying: “increases charge”, or “movement” applies to any kind of movement?
Do you know if the Mirelurk Hatchlings are fine? They are a 40mm model as the Radroaches, but after the last errata, every Radroach model has “Count as normal size”. Should not be the same with the Hatchlings? They are pretty the same (model size, kind of enemy and attack…), and there is no info about that, so it is not normal to “cover” with them, right?

Thank you very much for your time

I tried using the cattle prod in a battle against Caesars Legion. I forgot that the Vexillarius’ special rule would make all within black presence immune to stun.

It was a one-sided slaughter.

Otherwise I kinda agree with you. Actions are the lifeblood of the game and wasting the enemies actions is great. At worst the cattle prod is simple a cheap upgrade from an improvised weapon. At best it stuns enemies and buys you time.

Yes, I think it is pretty unbalanced for the price, it could be very strong against a lot of models/faction, you take some supermutants with this weapon (it is wasteland item for battle mode too) just for 45 caps (play well with covers or if you want improve the armor +1), and you can cancel a lot of actions, even from power armored models