New Wave 6 cards

I have spotted some mistakes on the new cards.

  1. Swan 1 should have a red line on the battlecry icon (he is inmune).
  2. Enrage mod has the same special icon for option 2 and 3 (the 3rd should be a blast.
  3. Should Tessa’s fist be Tessa only? Or it is an option to buy for other models?
  4. Does the blast icon on glowing yao Guai swipe means push back yellow and 1 rad damage?
  5. The creature force list (battle mode) is missing Brahmin and normal Yao Guai.

By the way, I have downloaded all the new PDFs and I saw just a few new cards being a new wave… I mean, for example, perk and leader files seem new, and they say Wave 6 cards but there are not new cards.
Apart from the unit cards, there are like less than 20 new cards, taking into account the Into the Wasteland cards and some Denizens of the Wasteland cards, if not, less than 10. It feels strange for a new wave.

Normal Yao Guai have no price in FWW_Wave 6_General Mode_Unit and Item Costs
They lost battlemode item categories.

How work Huntsman perk? I must replace all color dice or add 1 blue and change base dmg?

I’m glad you posted these, because I was going to as well - you saved me the trip!

Though I’m pretty sure Tessa’s fist isn’t Tessa only, it’s a piece of equipment that someone else could equip.

Hey @DK-dark ,

1 - Swan 1 should have a line through the Battle Cry icon on the bottom left of their card.
2 - The SFX Icon for the third option should be the Cloud, not a Star.
3 - Any model can use Tessa’s Fist, but Tessa might have something to say about it.
4 - Correct - Yellow AoE with one Rad Damage. The error here is that the 1 should be inside the Yellow Range Box Icon and the currently used icon should be the one without the corners.
5 - Add the following to the Creature Battle Mode List.

  • Brahmin/Creature Items/Brahmin Trample/30
  • Yao Guai/Creature Items/Yao Guai Swipe/260

Waves do not always need to have new cards in them. Card waves are mainly there to illustrate the narrative of the area that Wave is focused on. It also gives us a chance to have a redo on some cards from prior waves.

Hey @post_AskeT ,

The set result from Huntsman replaces the full damage result for any weapon that uses it - dice, symbols, everything.


Wow did i right,
Yao guai 260 pts
Glowing yao guai 135 pts?
Prices in new wave seems broken

So I am not right, there is no push back there, just 1 AoE rad damage, doesn’t?

Wait - so the standard Yao Guai is 260 but the glowing one is 135? Are these supposed to be swapped?

Either way, that’s a wild points range for units that are nearly identical aside from +2 HP, +1 to hit and different energy armour.

If they took my points, there was an error where grognak and the glowing yau guai were swapped.
Should be 260 normal and 270 glowing

Yup, they accidentally copyed my error and altered the points a little. So grognak and the glowing yau guai are wrong.

135 for grognak to low i think. How about price of reilroad heavy(so much expensive) and all of gunners(to cheap)?

Apart from the uploaded cards, are there any other special/narrative cards?
The book comes out next week, is it going to have the uploaded cards only?

Another possible error is Mongrels are missing the Dog Type icon. Without it the Alpha Mongrel has nothing to use it’s Dog Handler aura on.

Hey @DK-dark,

There is no arrow, which is what we would need for a Push Back. The result is as I described earlier.


Hey @monkeysloth,

Good spot! The Mongrel should have the Dog Unit Type Icon added on the bottom.


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The gunners cards don’t seem to be well balanced, what was really the intention behind this wave? It doesn’t make sense from the narrative standpoint for gunners to be this powerful, and it isn’t really fun to play against them. On the other hand, the Railroad is mostly well balanced, so what went wrong? A bit of powercreep can be expected, but when you look at much better gunner cards, with so many abilities and good stats, and compare them to let’s say basic NCR or Legion units you’ll quickly see how strong they are. I know you guys don’t care about competetive play, but for the sake of good user experience, will you consider rebalancing this faction? It’s really all about point tweaks, they have some interesting and unique mechanics, they just don’t seem to be priced well.

Railroad don’t seems well balanced, reilroad heavy is to expensive, and faction will get problems with 1000+ pts game.
Oh and railrifle still most useless chose for 20 caps

Keep in mind folks, this is the Rules Queries forum. Feel free to post missing things from the cards but balance stuff is more suited for the General Discussion Board here.

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