Push Back as part of an attack

Under Push Back (p. 36), it says “If the Push Back is part of an attack…”

I see that Push Back may be performed as part of a Charge action when using Battle Cry. How would one use it as part of an attack?

With weapons like the Huge club

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Yep, as DK-dark said. You’ll see weapons that have an Arrow → signifying pushback as part of the damage.

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So you can only use Push back when you have a weapon with a push back icon on its card and roll a bottle for example?
I though that you can use it always after a successful battle cry. Can you explain how it work using a huge club card as example?

If the model has a battle cry symbol with a coloured circle around it (orange, yellow, red, etc) then it can perform a push back as a battle cry.

Units that have no colour in the battle cry icon can’t perform a battle cry (and therefor no push back). This is their battle cry resist stat, not a stat for battle cry itself.

More on this on pg. 36 in the core rulebook

Then, adding to Ryan’s answer, if you have a unit with a weapon with pushback, like the club, then you can push a unit back on a hit. If that unit has battlecry you can still use battlecry to push back as well if you’d like.

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So why there is a separate push back icon like the one on a huge club weapon card if all units with a coloured battle cry icon can also perform a push back? Mentioned page in a grey box explains than PB can be used when an ability or effects specifies it, not that all battle cry units could use it. Few lines above it says that a charger may perform a push back without mentioning any extra conditions. Its a bit contradicting I think, or I got it totally wrong. edit - posted before reading monkeysloths answer.

One reason for the weapons with pushback is Battlecry is resisted (so the target gets a roll to avoid it) while pushback from a weapon is not.

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