Pride (Mitch Hunter Equipment dog)

Two things about this card/character.

It is always adjacent to Mitch Hunter, ok. Every time you move Mitch Hunter you can place Pride in ANY adjacent square? Does it work like other models when moving? Can trigger traps, block movement, open doors, is affected by Block and reduce movement? Or does it ‘teleport’ to and from Mitch Hunter when you move Mitch Hunter or send Pride to attack?

About the Special Action. The card reads ‘Use once per round’ but ‘resolve this effect twice’. Does it move once and bite/attack twice? The text is a bit confusing.

Does it work like in these examples?: You move Pride and bite an Undead Legionnaire, kill it and bite another adjacent Centurion, then teleport back.
You move Pride and bite a Razide, fail to kill it and bite it again, then teleport back.