Possible missing reference cards

I have found the reference card pdf file is missing 4 AI cards, 3 of them about responses (1 Attack, 1 Move and Fall Back, 1 Objective and Defend), the other seems a target priority list quick reference.

All ai cards including the reference cards are not free content as far as I know. You can purchase them digital in the store.

About the AI cards, yes, but the reference cards are free, they are in the PDF, it does not matter if it regards to not free content (like the first radiactive terrain or car explosions) or individual models wich are not free content like Lorenzo Cabbot, Mirelurk queen or Enclave training…
These 4 cards are Reference cards, and they just have info about AI rules (even the Wave 1-3 AI cards deck from the webstore does not have these 4 cards in its card list).
Some factions have AI cards too, like Raiders or Enclave, explaining rules about the AI, and they are Reference cards wich you could find in the PDF

Hey @DK-dark

Those cards you mention are generic rules reference cards, rather than Faction reference cards. Rules reference cards such as this we don’t tend to provide as free content unfortunately. They will only remain the paid decks but they can also be found in the campaign handbook.

However, there are cards like Legendary units reference card wich is a generic rules reference card too, but well…
I have them physical, I just wanted to translate them into spanish to help people here teaching the AI rules in my community, it is always better having a little reference card next to you to look for some info in some cases (the AI have many things to remember).