Points/ caps cost of wave 8

Some of the Points/caps cost of wave 8 does not line up good with the rest of the units/items:

Lone Wanderer 132caps → ≈103 caps
If you compare him to a Knight in t-45 PA (60+38=98) ,the Lone Wander gets +1Hp but loses -1skill in Pistols/Rifles because of the -1Agl he always has of the T-45.Both have a not that usefull Special Ruel (Hardy only without PA and Dog Handler with Dogs (no Dogs in a BoS list).

Sarah Lyons 142caps → ≈122
Compare to Paladin in T-45 (92+38=130):
+1End,-1Cha(beause of Lyon’s Insignia), -3 Int,-2Agl,-2Luc.
(-1Physical Armor not important)

  • Quick action attack + longer Charge +Defender Special Ruel.
    She can Lockpick(on a low skill of 2), but is way worse in the other expertise skills.

Pipboy 21caps → 16 caps
Action boy for 5 caps has an 1/3 chance of gaining a action point, with chance to get 2 action points. → 100% chance should be 15 caps.
With 2 uses of rebound (16 caps)you get a Action point for 6 rounds(most games are that long).

Frankly speaking IMHO there are plenty of different possible price adjustments for battle mode.

That’s why they regularly revisit prices.

Like securitrons are a little bit too expensive atm, can equip same model with better stats(like heavy NCR trooper who does everything the same, can have the same armor, same hp, but does objectives, has full gatling or minigun 5vs4 shots and can even have hair trigger on Submachine Gun for the even lover price!). Deathclaws? Absolutely overpriced. Sentry bots? Quite overpriced. Centurions? Overpriced. Knights? Insanely versatile and valuable assets. Behemoths finally became better as they have their bats for free. Molerats and battered protectrons? Too cheap. (But the spam story is at least usually regulated by players themselves to avoid filling roster with dozens of them). And i guess the list can go on for quite a while.

I partially agree with Sarah and Lone Wanderer but i disagree with pipboy.

Having 100% change to get quick action is solid and very-very-very nice. More than that it can be additional to action boy or rebound. So i’d say 21caps is worth it. However rebound is a little bit cheap for sure, it doesn’t have significant drawbacks, even gives one agi for 1 turn and can be used once again to just get rid of the addiction and go on with getting that 1 AP. So this is just the matter of rebound.

And honestly, after playing robots and Caesar’s legion I’d say chems are really strong. Alchohol in that terms is more balanced. Like beer can give AP for 2 turns and lovers agi, which can be quite often bad for shooters. Or very-very bad for centurion who’d really love to have that +1 str and +1AP but can’t really afford loosing 1 hp.

Your securiton example does not make that much sense. The heavy Ncr trooper with Armor,minigun and Submachine gun is already 2caps more expensiv. He only hits on a 4 with the submachinegun , the securitron on a 5. The objectives of the heavy trooper are also very bad at 2-4. For me the securiton is ok.

And Molerats die like in one attack and deal very low damage. I can see that they you can spam then that much that one can not kill all of them. Them mayby there should be more of an max modell cound.

I would suggest you simply wait for the nuka world wave :stuck_out_tongue:. Shouldn’t be too far away

If securitron is naked - sure. But in order to match heavy he needs mods. So just look at that. Same HP, same armor, same hit chances, can take mods, more perks, chems. And even has +1 walked fire hit, which really matters when we’re speaking about walked fire weapon

The only advantage securi has - you can take multiple of them, as robots heavies are included. But since you can use it only once per and between activations it aint that good. And even more this build is just impossible as it has 3 robo mods. And radiation damage in battle mode is really rare.

And you should play molerats one day. There is a reason why they are banned in our FWW community to play on that scale. You can take couple for sure, but having full roster? Nope.

i see you point but it is not that bad. it is like 10 caps. ( the mods just make the securitron less cost efficient)

Yeah, that’s true

The difference isn’t that bad like with wanderer, who’s just having absolutely unnecessary stuff for a price which stucks up quite hard (and like i see that having installed t-45 is cool, but doesn’t that mean that having pre installed stuff should make the unit more cost efficient but make him less versatile?)

But don’t get me wrong, making all the dogs heroic is very strong (though i absolutely have no idea what does “nearby” means at all), yet having even 2 heroic dogs is quite a value. But not when you don’t even have them

If you want 2 heroic dogs, you would need to invest in the Dog handler perk, it stacks.
I would not let too many mole rats and some creatures because of their base, too width for a low cost, you can use them to block and control some zones.