Players Needed for New Campaign

Join us on an adventure through the radioactive Wasteland of Fallout! Explore a strange yet familiar world, Fight to survive the horrors of the post-nuclear apocalypse, and Solve the Mystery of the Wasteland!

For Players who have not yet played any tabletop role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons: The game system is easy to pick up and use, all you’ll need is a steady internet connection and the mildest of time commitments.

For the OG’s: I’ve made my own gaming system that hybridizes regular “live” play with a sort of time-lapse system, inspired in part by Correspondence RPG’s. Long story short, this system will allow you to continue your character’s story, even if you can’t show up to every session.

For everyone: We chat over Discord, and we play on a site called, but all new players must first complete the standardized Vault-Tec Questionnaire(s). After completing your survey, wait for your email invitation!