Planet Occupation Map question

You made a planet occupation map.
It’s round with hexagons and look nice.
A spherical representation map needs the two sides of a planet… the current representation makes me feel like only one side is occupied
Haven’t bothered to count but how many places there is on the planet map ? And on the moon map ?

It’s not Arakis it’s just Venus but it’s for having an example
In fact I think I would prefer a classical map…

A sphere was just the easiest to fit on a sheet. Its all representative.
But go wild with shapes and maps! As long as you have the right spaces its all good.

Do note that the FG9 Dune boardgame (the reprint of the Avalon Hill classic) is a non-gridded spaces map of the northern hemisphere. It’s a great game in its own right, but it also makes a great campaign map, giving map based spaces.

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