Pictish Woad talisman book differences

? Which is Accurate?

Pictish Woad, from the table found in core on p166, is a talisman that, among other things, grants 5 courage.

Pictish Woad, from the sidebar found in Scout on p110, is a talisman that, among other things, grants 2 courage, but states stronger Woad that can provide more courage soak requires a higher difficulty test to make.

Normally I would say from my experience in jurisprudence a special law for a certain case or range of cases breaks the general law that is made for non specific cases.

In this case I say the general law is the core rulebook (p167 and 166) and the special law is the Scout sourcebook (p110). Taking the pictish woad talisman and adding the possibility there to create different potent woads by determine the difficulty, starting with D2 challenging and up till D5 epic for a soak 5 woad. In addition to the increased difficulty you also need one more ressource.

These adds more micro-management to the woad creating as after the one in the corebook would be the woad with the highest possible courage soak (5) already reduced due to the reducing elements to D2 challenging. That fits totally to the rules from p167.

But if I had the Scout sourcebook I would chose to apply the “special law” and let this override the core rule. Thats more a explanation of my feelings about how to handle it not a real official clarification.