New to the game and I have questions

So I managed to pick up the core book and Jeweled Thrones of the Earth at a local game store recently and I have full intention of running the game with my group as soon as I finish reading through both books. Been wanting to run a Conan game for a REALLY long time so I am looking forward to this.

But… I have two questions. Two to be exact. The first question is do status effects such as Blind, Deaf, Staggered and the like remove someone’s Guard? Or is that left to GM adjudication?

The second question is… how in the unholy Hells of the Outer Dark does Atavistic Voyage work? More specifically how does the Learn a Horrific Truth Momentum Spend work? And how is it that the sample they give with In the Time of Great Towers has the damage resulting from a failed Discipline test as 4 Resolve when the base of Learn a Horrific Truth is 3 times X? Shouldn’t that Resolve damage be 6 if X is 2? I am so confused. Also what good IS that Momentum Spend anyway? Yeah, like I said, I’m lost here.

Bonus third question - I am not mistaken in that spell casting Momentum spends work just like regular ones am I? They are extra things you can attach to the action of casting the spell if you beat the base difficulty with each extra ‘success’ counting as 1 Momentum, correct? I remember seeing something about the GM essentially forcing Momentum spends on spell casting but can’t seem to find it so now I think I’m imagining it all. Sorcery in this game really must be from the dark void…

Anyway, thanks for any help!

The answers to your questions can be found in the FAQ.

Thanks! That actually helped answer most of my questions.

Edited - I still had a question about how Atavistic Voyage and Learn a Horrific Truth worked, but I figured it out once I typed the question out and went over the spell one more time.

Thanks again for the FAQ!

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Welcome dog-brother/sword-sister!
There is a good crew of people here- if you have any questions- feel free to ask- you will not be nailed to the Tree of Woe…

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Thanks I certainly will do that. I am sure situations will come up once I start running the game where I will need help figuring out how to use the rules properly. This system is very elegant in that it’s base is very uncomplicated but the layers add complication as it goes which is nice. Those deeper layers are where things can get tricky.

As to my original question about Atavistic Voyage I was wondering why anyone would use it and it dawned on me - it’s a risk vs. reward situation. Then like I said as I was typing and I was reading ti over again, it clicked with me and I got it! You’re spending the initial Momentum in order to potentially have the spell cost no Resolve whatsoever, but if you fail that Discipline test, you take more Resolve damage and then you get your initial investment of Momentum back to spend on something else on the list for the spell.

The Time of Great Towers example was confusing me because I seemed to have missed the part where Peaceful Voyage was included in the spell so I was wondering why the Learn a Horrific Truth portion only had a 4 Resolve loss rather than the 6 is should have had. Peaceful Voyage of course removing two of the Resolve cost if that Discipline check fails. So yeah, I figured it out lol

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