Weapon stats: war pick

i suppose Modiphius are saving pict weapons and the like for Spear & Fang, but war pick is listed as a “weapon and provenance”, and it stands to reason the Scout carries a war pick taken from a slain foe.

i ws thinking:
reach2, 3cd damage, piercing qualities

perhaps also it should have bleeding quality?

I’m thinking it’s the same as a Pickaxe, only without the Improvised quality.

thanks for the suggestion.

i sjust saw that a Mace has piercing. maybe if the foe were wearing armor which broke and cut into flesh, but really? not too sure about that. maybe a studded mace…


I assumed that was because the mace can damage you through the armour, even if it doesn’t break it. Which is what maces were used for. Just the sheer kinetic impact would damage the target.

some of the european maces were very spiky, so if the enemy got not hit with the edge/rim , but wiith the end of the weapon, i gues that might pierce the armor.
the pictur is an historical german mace…


or the one on the right side of the picture on this picture
(its an indian mace ):

i gues if your armor is not so thick and you poke it with enough power it might be pointy enough to be able to pierce a plate armor, so thats a reason to call it piercing.
or at least im sure it would pierce your armor more than any sword or spear would, telling from the spike seems quite solid.
Not sure about the amount of power you would need for that, i gues conan might do it.
if you hold the mace kinda half-swording-like and thrust into the armor it also might work

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