Petty enchantments damage and range

Sorry if this has been asked before but my brief searching couldn’t find an answer.
The enchantments that do damage - is it intended to be able to add CD to them based on a stat as with other attacks?
And also what range should they have? Maybe reach for the blinding powders (as in it can only really be used when engaged with something/someone) and close (like thrown weapons) for the others

Cheers for any clarification/thoughts

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Yes. Alchemy attacks are essentially ranged weapons. Generally close but player creativity should be rewarded.


Thanks. Pretty much what we’re going with

The Alchemist talent allows you to use Alchemy for the attack roll, instead of Ranged Weapons, but it’s still a ranged attack and Awareness governs bonus damage. If you’ve gotten petty enchantments solely from Sorcery, you don’t have the Alchemist talent and must used Ranged Weapons.

My players include a healer/Alchemist who uses Alchemy to toss his alchemical attacks, and the foul sorcerer who is forced to use Ranged Weapons. (I say “forced” because he’s terrible at it.)

Either way, if you want that flash paper to be more effective, make sure your petty enchanter has a high Awareness!

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