How many uses of a Petty Enchantment do I get for succeeding on my roll?

When making the test to create a Petty Enchantment how many uses of it do I gain. Did I just overlook it? If so could someone please point this out. Thanks.

For some Petty Enchantments it seems obvious: You create exactly one Talisman or reinforce exactly one piece of armor. The actual effect of these enchantments is permanent. I would therefore say that Exploding Powder and such has an infinite number of uses. It is basically a ranged weapon with infinite arrows. However, when a Complication is rolled, you can say that the Exploding Powder is all spent.

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Generally I play it as succeeding in making an alchemy roll for a player generates one single use of said enchantment. One glass vial, one gourd, one whatever full of it.

This is generally done in down time or carousing so you and your GM might just have a quick discussion on what you want your standard load out to be, and figure out a fair addition to upkeep or similar to just have your stuff.

If you are doing it during actual play I personally require my alchemist to have some ingredients (non-specific) and then they can attempt to add or replenish if they want, as such the alchemist in my game is constantly trying to pull ingredients from pretty much everything he comes across.

If the enchantment as a ranged attack, granted the “Volley” ability I would agree with Shran’s interpretation, and creating one would give you a “load” of those, which would then be expended on the roll of a complication. BUT at the end of the day if your GM has decided that’s how it works, then that’s how it works.

I personally think a character with an unlimited area 6cd or 7cd attack is going to be OP.

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