Alchemy rules clarification help: obtaining additional formulas for stronger (>D0) petty enchantments and talents

It’s my third campaign and this time we have strong focus on the sorcery and alchemy. One of the characters is sorcerer that is practicing alchemy.

The player wanted to obtain certain formulas for petty enchantment in order to make more than Simple D0, but we hit some roadblock when reading the rules as written, especially with the latest errata applied!
I need some help in clarifying the situation.

TL:DR: How, with the applied errata to the alchemy skill, you obtain new formulas to craft petty enchantments above D0, since none of the alchemy talents allow for more than 1 rank?

The long read:

Before the errata, it looked straightforward, as this from the description of the Alchemy skill:

Alchemy skill, p56 - “Each rank in this skill grants one formula for a petty enchantment (see page 168).”

Rules-as-written, when you put Expertise 1, you get one formula. When you increase to 2, second and etc. until 5. Unfortunately, paragraph in the Petty Enchantment section under Sorcery chapter brought confusion:

p.164 - “Any character with the Alchemy skill can make a Simple (D0) petty enchantment, but making enchantments of greater Difficulty is impossible without the appropriate talent.”

So, all alchemists can make Simple D0 petty enchantments, for each skill rank you receive “full formula”, but for higher difficulties you need talent. Master of Formulae looks like what you need to buy multiple times, but I don’t see max ranks or even statement you can buy it multiple times.

Now, with the errata, things are improving, but still there is issue:

Alchemy, skill p.56 - “Training in this skill allows you to make all Simple (D0) petty enchantments (page 168). Purchasing talents allows you to make more difficult enchantments.”

So, we now with Expertise 1 can craft all petty enchantments. We even have clarifications that we need talents to be able to craft more than D0. But Master of Formulae, even though implies should be taken multiple times, there is not min/max ranks or statement that clearly states you can take it multiple times.

On the other hand, Dabbler is saying you can craft any petty enchantments by consuming more reagents (resources) and there is no need to take the talent more than once, in contrast to Master of Formulae

So, is there gap in the rules and errata, where Master of Formulae should be accessible for purchasing more than once, or we are missing something in rules interpretation?

  1. If you have Expertise 1 you can make any D0 petty enchantment

  2. If you have Dabbler you can make more advanced ones at a higher ingredient cost.

  3. You can take Master of Formulae for each petty enchantment to make the higher difficulty ones at normal cost. So the maximum number of times you can take it is equal to the number of types of petty enchantments there are in the game (7 in the core book I think).