What is the difficulty for making lotus pollan minor enchantments?

I’m looking at the minor enchantment section of the core rule boo, and most enchentment categories have test dificulty in their respective tables. But lotus concoctions table is missing this column (I’m pretty sure the difficulty column is for resistance against the lotus enchantments). The text segment doesn’t really offer much clue either. Am I missing something?

The difficulties for Lotus Pollen are the third column. It’s listed in a kind of funny way. I have always interpreted it as being listed funny because it is the resistance and crafting difficulties.

Thanks. New question: can master of formula be taken more than once? If not what other ways are there to learn additional petty enchantments?

You can’t take it more than once but each rank in the alchemy skill grants an additional petty enchantment. Also anyone with the alchemy skill can create any D0 alchemy petty enchantment without training in that petty enchantment.

Directly from the Sorcery FAQ on petty enchantments:

Q. How many times can I buy the Master of Formulae talent?
A1. Multiple times. Each purchase grants full access to one petty enchantment.
A2. The cost of Master of Formulae does not change, regardless of how many times its purchased.


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It’s been forever since I read the FAQ. That being said my statement about petty enchantments and the alchemy skill is still accurate as well. I pulled that straight from the skill description in the core book.

I am curious as to why Master of Formulae can be taken multiple times? Its not a ranked skill. That’s not in the book.

Every purchase of the talent gives you access to one petty enchantment and all its subtypes. Without it you are limited to what you can craft.

I am just curious where it says you can buy the talent multiple times.

I have never been able to find it in the books. That being said I believe the FAQ was written in part as kind of an errata for the sorcery skills by people at Modiphius.

It is not explicitly stated as with other talents, but it is implied in the bold text:

Most alchemists work extensively with a specific formula,
which becomes second nature. More exacting measures
become the standard. When selecting this talent, you must
also select a specific type of petty enchantment: blasting
powder, lotus pollen, etc. When using this petty enchantment,
you may attempt higher Difficulty tests to increase
the power of the particular enchantment. See page 163 of
Chapter Seven: Sorcery for more information.

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Master of Formula isn’t really a ranked skill. NONE of the Alchemy skills allow Ranks.

When we look at a ranked skill, such as message runner, each rank grants an additional advantage. ie For each rank in this talent you may reduce, by 1, the difficulty of any Acrobatics test etc.

That is the problem with how they worded it on page 56, “Each rank in this skill grants one formula for a petty enchantment.”

You can take that as each expertise in Alchemy grants one, or each Focus in Alchemy grants one…or each Exp or Focus grants one…or each alchemy talent grants one (something like No Mercy)

Or you can use how it is clarified in the FAQ and taking the 200XP Master of Formula grants another one.

And to add to what Valyar is saying, you are more taking…

Master of Formula: Exploding Powder
Master of Formula: Burning Liquids
Master of Formula: Lotus


Master of Formula: Rank1
Master of Formula: Rank2
Master of Formula: Rank3

Since the whole chapter about sorcery (including large portions of the Book of Skelos) is kind of a mess, players should not have to rely on some ominous FAQ document to understand this. There should be something official to errata and explain all this stuff.

Back to topic: The talent is actually called “Master of Formulae” (plural) so this maybe kind of implies that you can learn more than one formula. I see it as a ranked Talent and each rank gives you one Petty Enchantment.

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The FAQ which isn’t ominous, it is a document written by the designers to address problems with how the section is written.