Alchemy and Crafting

I was wondering how people are running the interaction of Alchemy and crafting. Reading page 162 it states that craft skill is used to bind the petty enchantment. So assuming if a PC wants to hurl burning liquid as his main attack but needs to make it. When carfting, do they need to make both an Alchemy and Craft test to make the item? The Alchemy being the standard to make the item and a craft for the item to be put in some container. Are people assuming the craft is D0 (but this opens up to GM can increase difficulty)?

They only need to make 1 test to make a burning liquid. Though they will need a separate test to throw it (usually ranged but there are talents that change that). The crafting difficulty for making such items is listed in the main book (Page 165) and if they aren’t trained in that petty enchantment it becomes significantly more difficult (I usually increase it by 2 if they don’t have and expertise in the applicable skill and 1 if they do but that is my off the cuff homebrew ruling I made when a player wanted to do it untrained). I personally believe that if you don’t increase the difficulty then there is no real reason for anyone to bother with petty enchantments at all and I strongly dislike making any talent pointless as they all have costs, especially the sorcery tied ones.

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