Petty Enchantments for non-alchemist Sorcerers?

So, if I’m using the online character generator, a character who is a sorcerer with no Alchemy skill learns one petty enchantment formula. Is that right according to the rules? They’d basically be able to make it with an untrained Alchemy check?

Chapter 7, 2nd paragraph states “The first introduction to sorcery is when an aspirant finds a lesser truth in a forgotten or obscure tome and discovers the making of some minor magical trinket or substance, the lowest and basest form of sorcery.” I read this as a sorcery skill. But you can only produce the D0 substance until you learn Master of Formulae for that Petty Enchantment.

Yes sorcery let you learn one formula to use. For more information, check out the FAQ.

Q. How do you learn a petty enchantment?
A1. Every character with the Alchemy skill can attempt to make any petty enchantment so long as the base Difficulty of that enchantment is Simple (D0). Examples include flash paper (page 164), burning alcohol (page 165), etc. The entry on age 56 is incorrect.

A2. For access to the full range of Difficulties a character will need a talent that grants that access. Most commonly this is the Master of Formulae or Dabbler talents (page 58). If you have the Patron talent (page 169) you can purchase a variant of the Master of Formulae talent without needing any prerequisites. The Patron talent also grants one petty enchantment for free.