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Overload aura ability

This came up on the FB group: Does the Overlord’s Ferocity ability work just once per turn (i.e, he only activates the once), or as many times as a different SM activates within his aura range? Oli said he play tested him with just the one activation, and this would seem to match how aura abilities work throughout the game, but there was a pretty decent argument put forward for it working for as many SMs how activated in range too.

Any devs able to confirm please?


I just responded on FB. This is what I posted:

I can see why the wording could be interpreted in both ways, i.e. once per activation of the Overlord, or once per activation of each of the models in the Overlord’s aura.

The intention is the ability be used by a single SM in the Overlord’s aura once for each Overlord activation. (‘Once per activation’ is defined in the FAQ as ‘once from between the start of a model’s activation and the start of that model’s next activation’.) The intention is not that all SMs near the Overlord can all use the ability once each during their own activations. (I had a similar effect for a SM in a previous wave which allowed all nearby SMs to benefit from it but it was felt to be too powerful during testing so was limited to a single SM - so I intended this to affect just a single model so it wasn’t overpowered.)

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I did see, many thanks once again! It really is great having such responsive devs! :slight_smile: