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Optimum number of dice sets

In reality how many sets of dice is best to have for JCOM? (I did buy one of each ‘colour’ as I had the cash)…

I have 6 sets of dice for FFG’s SW rpg only because you get a single force dice…and probably because back in the day I had very little spare cash I only had one set of 6 polyhedral dice, which I have carefully looked after and is still complete. I now have a 1lb bag full of dice, 2x cthulhu dice, 1x Astral dice, 4x PFRPG dice sets, 1x Conan set, 1x Runequest dice, 2x sets of d6 for d6 Star Wars as I’m making up for lost time.Woe is me LOL…

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At least 5 sets – this provides 5 d20s for the gm, and 5 d20s for the players to share.

Or 5 sets for every pair of players, if everyone wants to have their own pool of d20s. You’ll notice that this means that every person will have 10 combat dice, which should be more than ample.

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