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Any plans to sell the combat dice separately?

Does Modiphius have any plans to sell the combat dice separately? Just like they did with STA and Conan.

I’m not sure what you are asking. When I go to the main store page and then look for John Carter RPG ( I see several dice sets.
(1) Helium set – white/cream with red numbers
(2) Thark set – green with white numbers
(3) Zodanga set – red with white numbers

I own each of these sets and they are nice. Now, if you asking about individual dice instead of sets, I haven’t seen anything like that anywhere.

Ah, I should’ve been clearer. I meant selling the d6s and the d20s separately. I’d like a ton of d6’s but I don’t need d20s.

Hi there!

At the moment I’m not aware of any plans to sell the combat dice or d20’s for John Carter as separate items. They come pre-packaged to our warehouse in blister packs rather than loose dice, so at the moment we are unable to sell them in any other format.

If this changes however, we’ll be sure to let you know!