On Fire state vs Power armor

Hi. In last game i have situation when unit in t-60 affected with fire.
How this unit receive damage in next turn?

  1. In rulebook if unit start his activation with On Fire state, it suffer 1 damage without armor roll. So 1 damage receive unit or power armor? If power armor not broken and has +1 strong armor, does it work in this situation and no damage from fire receive?

  2. To cancel On Fire state unit must flip a lucky marker, if success On Fire disable. Please tell me, this work if unit Heroic and has unused lucky marker, or for any unit even if they don’t have lucky marker?

  3. If unit with Heroic decide to pass the AGI Test when it can do test after or before V.A.T.S. action and receive a Quick action point (if lucky).


Here are the answers:

  1. The model gets no armor roll but Strong Armor is still effective (as that is added on to the result of the roll). So, a model with power armor that is not broken would still block 1 damage (from the Strong Armor). As a result, fire does not damage a model with Strong Armor (though are still technically on fire if it’s important in a scenario). If the power armor is broken then it would not protect the model from fire as the Strong Armor bonus would be gone.

  2. The Luck counter to be flipped is just one from the supply so any model can do this. This is separate to using Luck for its various benefits which only model with the Luck icon can do.

  3. After the V.A.T.S. roll, so (as you say) they could use a Quick Action to attempt the AGI test.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks for answer. So other condition like a Poison will have same result at unit with power armor (strong armor), YES?

About conditions (frozen, fire, etc.).
I played about 20 times in battle mode and in half of games I try to use weapon like a molotov cocktail and cryo granade.
In the result of this, I don’t like this weapon because special effect too hard to apply, or not need to apply.

For example laser rifle. Why on laser rifle On fire cost 2 nuka bottle? This mean that I must choose to get 2 damage immediately or 1 damage at next unit activation. For what? Of course I choose 2 damage right now, because in 9 of 10 times I shoot with laser rifle my victim die in 1-2 shots.

No, Poison ignores armor completely (so including Strong Armor). The rule for it was corrected in the Errata which can be downloaded from Modiphius’ Fallout Downloads section. https://www.modiphius.com/fallout-downloads.html

The special effects of the Laser Rifle are not instead of the damage. The single bottle result on the Laser Rifle allows 1 damage to avoid any armor but does not increase the amount of damage done; whereas, using two bottles to set the target On Fire will definitely cause 1 more damage (apart from those with Strong Armor) in addition to the usual damage caused. Which is best depends on the target’s armor, the situation, their remaining health and your preference.

Ok. But this link does not work since october 2018 (maybe september), USA sanctions at work because i’m from Russia :smile:

Thanks for explain how laser rifle work, i think 1 Nuka Cola bottle add 1 dmg without arm roll. And 2 my opponents think same. :scream:

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